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Welcome to the House LA’s Leadership Lab, a seven session program designed to help train and equip you for leadership. We focus on spiritual disciplines, relational building, biblical study, and leadership training to ultimately guide you to be effective leaders in ministry, the marketplace, and the spheres of influence around you.

Be prepared to be challenged and at times uncomfortable. The Leadership Lab is all about you being trained as you train & build up leaders around you. Let’s dive right in!

Next Leadership Lab starts: TBD
Deadline to Register: TBD

House LA people who are currently active & serving in the Church. 

  • Existing ministry leaders
  • Alpha team participants
  • Current volunteers 

Who is the Lab for?

Why are we doing this? 

To put participants on the path to becoming biblically, emotionally and spiritually mature leaders. 

  • Build more intimate relationship with God
  • Become more mature spiritually and emotionally
  • Deeper understand the nature of God’s mission
  • Learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit
  • Learn how to deal with the current cultural issues •
  • Be a better leader in the church and the marketplace

The Leadership Lab will equip you to: 

  • Understand and practice emotional wellness

  • Practice various spiritual practices

  • Lead a small group

  • Identify the spiritual needs of people inside and outside of church

  • Introduce faith to spiritual seekers

  • Use the gift of the Spirit when praying for people

  • Understand Kingdom theology and practice

  • Read, understand, and interpret the Bible

What for?