Vision School is a 8-week mission training program that discovers and examines God's heart for all people and nations. The lectures focus on history, the current state of global mission and unreached people groups (10/40 window). Vision School will impart the Father’s heart for the lost and open our eyes to what God is and has been doing in the world to advance His Kingdom. Vision School will challenge your world view as a Christian, empower you to live a gospel-driven lifestyle, and invite you to take a step of faith into the unreached nations. Upon completion, participants will be presented the opportunity to embark on missions to the 10/40 window.


Not my vision, but God's vision/ Global Mission and Spiritual Mapping/ World Mission History & Global Conditions/ Understanding Islam/ Spiritual Warfare and Intercessory Prayer/ Ministry & Gifting/ Student Volunteer Movement/ 1040 Windows/ Mission Spirit